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Business and/or Domain for Sale

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After spending 8 wonderful years of making some of the most beautiful, customized and personalized silver jewelry, I have decided to retire.

I would really love for someone else to buy the business and continue serving all the fabulous customers I have, but unfortunately most people want me to give them the business for free 🙁 That doesn’t seem very fair to me as I have worked very hard to perfect my talent and techniques. But if you have a reasonable offer for me, please feel free to send me an email at lyndi at and I will be happy to look at it.

The domain is also for sale as well. It is on the first page of Google for many of the search terms used for finding custom silver jewelry.

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Hope everyone is enjoying the (somewhat) warmer weather!

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 11th this year. While May might sound like a long way off, I can guarantee you that I will be fully booked for Mother’s Day orders soon. I am *anticipating* that the cut-off for Mother’s Day orders will be right around April 19th or so, but I will keep everyone updated if it looks like it will be sooner than that.

I am right around 2 weeks from order-to-ship right now. I recently injured my left hand while working on a home improvement project, so I am hoping that the injury continues to get better.

Thank you for your business and support! 🙂


Baby Footprint Bracelet with TWO Children’s Footprints
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Hope everyone is having a wonderful November!

As of this week, order-to-ship times are extending over 2 weeks and getting closer to 3 weeks. That still is PLENTY of time before Christmas as I ship USPS Priority (usually 2-4 day delivery times) but pretty, pretty please….do not wait until the last minute on these. After certain dates, I have to charge a rush fee to cover the expedited shipping…and I hate charging people extra…truly.

Important dates – UPDATED 11/8/2013

Hanukkah starts *very* early this year – November 27th (the day before Thanksgiving). I am VERY booked already. If you need a gift by Hanukkah, please email me first. We might need to expedite shipping in order for you to get it in time depending on which night you are planning on giving the gift.

Thanksgiving , November 28th – I know a lot of people get together for Thanksgiving and start giving gifts out then. Again, I am VERY booked already. If you need a gift by Thanksgiving, please email me first. We might need to expedite shipping in order for you to get it in time depending on which night you are planning on giving the gift.

Christmas, December 25th – Last year, the cut off was December 10th. I am getting orders at FOUR TIMES the rate of last year. I will keep taking orders until I am just exhausted and can’t possibly do anymore, but I am only human. I will be shocked if I am still taking orders this late. I would plan on the cutoff date being a lot closer to December 6th (a Friday).

These cut off dates are for US shipments only. If ordering internationally, even more time will be needed OR shipping will need to be expedited. Please contact me for an estimate. Thank you!

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Order Processing Time = Around 2 weeks

Hi Everyone,

I am super behind on orders since Mother’s Day. I am trying my best to keep up but I about 25-30 orders deep right now. Until I update the website, orders will take about 2 weeks before I can get them out. I typically ship via USPS Priority Mail with tracking and insurance so once they leave Nashville, it usually only takes 2-3 days or so. Thanks 🙂 Lyndi

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Email Woes…and why you might need to re-send an email to me

If you sent an email to me between March 25th – April 6th, I *might* not have it.

I apparently had a corrupted Outlook file (not a virus…just when the file goes bad) and now my email looks like below. Sadly this was after several days work and lots of money. SO, I PROMISE I am not ignoring you if you emailed me during this time. I lost pretty much ALL my emails. Please, pretty pretty please, email me again. Thanks SO much! 🙂

When Email Goes Bad
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Sorry for the SUPER big mess! I promise – BIGGER and BETTER things are coming soon 🙂 Until then, please visit our Etsy store for our designs: 5086944436

One of our custom baby footprint charms!
One of our custom baby footprint charms!